Welding Machines

2 Types of Machines

We design and build customized automatic welding machines for manufacturers who need to improve their fabrication workflow. Sometimes they need full automation, sometimes a turntable with a torch mount does the job.

  1. Full automation – a PLC controls the welding process, so there’s no need to wear welding protection
  2. Partial automation – eg, a torch mount and a welding jig.  In this case, the human welder still controls the torch trigger

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Testing new automatic welding machines – Pt. 1

(from our youtube channel)

Testing new automatic welding machines – Pt. 2

  • One of our fully automatic welding machines
  • Welding machines with horizontal rotation
  • Partially automated welding machine

In the two clips above, we were testing a new fully automatic, PLC-controlled welding machine.

A fully automatic machine will have a door with a safety interlock and built-in welding glass.  These separate both the operator and nearby people from spatter and glare.  In other words, the operator will not have to wear welding gear on his head and body.  It all happens in the machine.

Machines can be built to run on 120V, 240V, or 480V.

Check out our newest model, the AWT-100.  Link to AWT-110 brochure pdf