Tube Sizers

On our youtube channel you can see a short clip of one of our tube end sizers in action.

  • Tube End Sizer
  • Tube End Sizer without HMI
  • Quick Change ID tooling
    Quick Change ID-Tooling for Tube Sizer Machine
  • Tubes ends sized
    Tubes that have had sizing operations done. Sizing has limits – see the tube on the far right, which has a tear where the diameter couldn’t get larger.
  • A pair of standard DTS tube end sizers
  • Double tube end sizer
    Double Sizer Machine – OD on the left, ID on the right
  • Tube end sizer ID tooling

Standard Models:

DTS-0775 -(7.75″ tooling size)
DTS-1200 -(12.0″ tooling size)
DTS-1500 -(15.0″ tooling size)

DTS-Series Technical Data

  • Allen Bradley Control System
  • Industry leading tooling repeat-ability +/-.001in
  • Fast cycle times (1-1.5 sec. per sizing operation)
  • Requires 460V power source
  • Self-contained hydraulic system
  • Low noise level 72-77 db
  • 7” HMI touch screen

Upgrade your tube end sizers with our quick-change tooling.  Cut tool change times to a minute, and save money.  Link to Quick Change Tooling brochure

More about the DTS-Series

Our machines have many advantages over other tube end sizers:  They are highly repeatable, quiet, with fast operation, compact footprint, and easy tooling setup.   Standard DTS machines come in three standard tooling sizes and are equipped with tooling that we make and test in-house.

Optional upgrades to DTS machines include:

  • An on-board jib crane with a hoist and rail slide help your operators move bulky parts
  • Smart sizer upgrades – store up to 2000 custom programs to memory, with constant position feedback, batch count, auto and manual modes.
  • 7″ HMI touch screen