Tube Sizers

Upgrade your existing tube sizer equipment with our quick-change tooling.  Cut tool change times and save money.  Link to brochure

  • Quick Change ID-Tooling for Tube Sizer Machine
  • Tubes that have had sizing operations done. Sizing has limits – see the tube on the far right, which has a tear where the diameter couldn’t get larger.
  • Double Sizer Machine – OD on the left, ID on the right

DTS-Series Technical Data

  • Allen Bradley Control System
  • Industry leading tooling repeat-ability +/-.001in
  • Fast cycle times (1-1.5 sec. per sizing operation)
  • Requires 460V power source
  • Self-contained hydraulic system
  • Low noise level 72-77 db
  • 7” HMI touch screen

The DTS-series has many advantages:  high repeat-ability, quiet and fast operation, compact footprint, easy tooling set-up.

Standard Models:

DTS-0775 -(7.75″ tooling size)
DTS-1200 -(12.0″ tooling size)
DTS-1500 -(15.0″ tooling size)


  • On-board jib crane with hoist and rail slide
  • ID/OD sizing on the same machine
  • Smart sizer upgrades – up to 2000 custom programs can be stored to memory, constant position feedback, batch count, auto & manual modes