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An important part of our business from the beginning, we continue to make precision industrial tooling in house.


West Salem Tool and Die is able to provide custom designed welding fixtures.  We design the fixture based on your 3D part model.


We design and manufacture progressive dies up to 100″ long.


Our tube planishing machines smooth out weld beads for smooth ID and OD finish.

  • Allen Bradley Control System
  • 460v power source
  • Adjustable roller force up to 8,000 lbs
  • Adjustable feed rate
  • Planish speed 3.5″/sec.
  • Fast cycle times
  • Linear bearing roller guide
  • Linear bearing carriage guide
  • Mandrel end hydraulic support
  • Light curtains
  • Self contained hydraulic system
  • Low noise level 70-75 db.


WTP-12 -(12″ roller travel)

WTP-18 -(18″ roller travel)

WTP-24 -(24″ roller travel)


Planish Mig, Tig, or Plasma Weld Seams (irons down weld bead of any tube).  Stainless tubes are no problem.
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  • Allen Bradley Control System
  • Fully programmable (smart press only)
  • 460V power source
  • Adjustable Bottom Table
  • 40 in press stroke standard (24 in for smart press)
  • Ram repeatability +/-.001
  • High speed 0-12in.sec
  • 80 in maximum opening standard
  • Linear rail + bearing guides
  • Press heads custom as needed
  • Self contained hydraulic system
  • Low noise level 75-80 db.
  • Up to 150 tons

VSP – 0300 -(3 ton force smart press)
VHP – 0500 -(5 ton force)
VSP – 0500 -(5 ton force smart press)
VSP – 0800 -(8 ton force smart press)
VHP – 1000 -(10 ton force)
VSP – 1200 -(12 ton force smart press)
VHP – 1500 -(15 ton force)

1. Muffler Sub Assembly
2. Universal Assembly Press
3. Parts can be welded on
4. Run various dies (small space)

CNC Drilling Machines

We can design, build, and test a custom drilling machine to your specifications.

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Slotting Machines

These machines are punch presses for tubes, with tooling for whatever shapes our customers require.

Tube Sizers

DTS-series Technical Data

  • Allen Bradley Control System with foot-pedals
  • Industry leading ram repeat-ability +/-.001in
  • Fast cycle times  (1-1.5 sec. per sizing operation)
  • Requires 460V power source
  • Self contained hydraulic system
  • Low noise level 72-77 db

The DTS-series has many advantages:  high repeat-ability, quiet and fast operation, compact footprint, easy tooling set-up.

DTS-0775 -(7.75″ tooling size)
DTS-1200 -(12.0″ tooling size)
DTS-1500 -(15.0″ tooling size)

1. On-board jib crane with hoist and rail slide
2. ID/OD sizing on the same machine
3. Smart sizer upgrade


AHT-250 Technical Data

  • Adjustable Working Height 40″ – 60″
  • Adjustable Rotation Speed and Direction 0-12 rpm
  • Allen Bradley Control System with foot-pedals
  • Requires 115VAC power source and compressed air
  • 250 lb load capacity

Our adjustable height welding turntables can help you make the most of your floor space and improve weld quality.  The operator can switch between two rotational speeds, both of which are easily customizable.  For auto-welding, we offer torch mounting options.

Welding Machines

Automate repetitive welding tasks with a welding machine.  West Salem Tool and Die can provide economical solutions for linear and circular weld profiles.

Other Machines

Interested in something else?  West Salem Tool and Die can work with you to design and build what you need.