Tube Slotting Machines

We currently have three standard tube slotting machine models:

  • Tube Slotting Machine - Made in Wisconsin by a Tool & Die company
  • Tube Life
  • Tube Slotting Machine - SLOT-200
  • SLOT-400
  • Tube Slotting Machine - SLOT-600

Standard Models

SLOT-200  – Cuts one slot at a time.  The SLOT-200 is manually operated, pneumatically powered, and inexpensive.

SLOT-400  – Cuts up to four slots.  Hydraulics power the SLOT-400 and it runs auto production programs with a PLC.

SLOT-600  – Like the 400 series, but it can cut up to six slots.  Cutting all the slots in one operation means higher quality and faster production.

For a custom job, or to fit a standard slotter with new tooling, start a conversation with us at our contact page.

More about Tube Slotting Machine Types

While hydraulically powered slotting machines require 240 or 480 AC to run, the pneumatic single slotter only needs shop air.  So if you’re on a budget and have compressed air, the SLOT-200 is a good option, although the thickness of tube it can cut is limited.  Assuming 100 ksi shear strength and our standard 20,000 lb air cylinder, the max thickness of a tube with standard 2″ torca slots would be 0.050″.  Any thicker and the air cylinder just can’t punch through.

Although we call this product line “tube slotting machines”, these are really punch presses for tubes with tooling for whatever shapes our customers require.  We designed our standard slotter machines specifically to cut straight slots and torca slots, we’ve also done custom machines for other notch shapes.  West Salem Tool and Die is skilled at modifications and custom jobs like these because we have years of similiar experience on the progressive die side of the business.

See videos of slotting machines working on our youtube channel, or check out our tube slotter info brochure.

West Salem Tool and Die provides standard torca tube slotting machines for customers all over the midwest, particularily in the Tri-State area of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.  Our shop is located just outside La Crosse, WI and right next to I-90.