We put up short video clips of new machines on our youtube channel, especially if the machine is a custom design. Since each custom designed machine needs testing, we often get a chance to take a little video clip of the brand new machines.

Robotic Welding Machine PerformArc PA1500SW

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Standard Machine – Pneumatic Punch Press

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Tube Planishing Close-Up

Custom Machine – Automated Bearing Smart Press

This machine senses pressure and the distance it is traveling. Bearings get pressed with the correct amount of force every time.

Standard Machine – Tube Planishing

Standard Machine – Tube Sizer

Tube Slotter – Torca Tooling

Custom Machine – Ram Former

Standard Machine – 4-Way Tube Slotter

The advantage of cutting all the slots at once is that it no longer requires human skill to place the slots at the correct angles. It’s also faster.

Hydraulic Press – Smart Press Light Curtain Demonstration

Our programmable hydraulic presses come with safety light curtains. Different stroke lengths, sizes, and force capacity are available. Many customers order presses along with custom tooling for their application. Nowdays many customers ask for electric actuators on their presses, which we also do, although an electric press is often far more expensive than a hydraulic one, especially if the force required is very high.

Automatic Welder

We built a rotating table with an automatic welding torch. The test was a success! This sort of automatic welder spins the part while holding the torch in place, which is useful for welding around circular cross sections.

West Salem Tool is based in Wisconsin. In other words, our primary market is the Upper Midwest. However, we’ve installed and setup machines in factories as far away as France and Japan. We’re located midway between Minneapolis and Chicago, right on the Mississippi and next to both an airport and an interstate highway, so transportation options are not lacking. 

To get a quote on any of the machines in these videos or to ask us about making something customized, get in touch at our contact page or send in a drawing of what you need.

Custom Machines Designed in Solidworks