Company Overview

With over half a century of experience in precision tool and die services, West Salem Tool & Die designs and builds the highest quality custom equipment and tooling to industrial customers across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and beyond.

  • Tube Slotting Machine - Made in Wisconsin by a Tool & Die company
  • Double tube end sizer
  • Wisconsin Tool and Die Systems Integration

Custom Machines & Systems Integration

West Salem Tool & Die (WSTD) now offers custom machinery design and systems integration services. Our turnkey solutions bring together fluid, electrical, and control systems to meet the unique needs of our customers.  Most of our machines end up in American production lines in the automotive, energy, and heavy equipment industries.

The clear advantage of getting a custom-designed machine from WSTD is the ability to specify each technical aspect of the machine so that it fits the application perfectly.  For example:

  • Increase Production:  Our CNC drilling machines with multiple spindles can speed up cycle times and ease choke points production.
  • Improve Efficiency:  Our programmable hydraulic presses can be run as fast or press as hard as needed.
  • Safety features can be customized for whatever suits the factories’ needs best.

For a closer look at our products and capabilities, look at our youtube channel, where we post short clips of new machines.

In addition to custom equipment, WSTD has a lineup of standardized machines for a variety of tube operations.  These include end sizing, slotting, work-holding and welding.

The purpose of this website is to give potential customers a sense for our products. If you have a job that needs thoughtful engineering, intricate machining, or extensive design collaboration, WSTD is the best in the region. Head over to the contact page and get in touch, we should reply shortly.


In 1974 West Salem Tool & Die started as a small shop specializing in industrial tooling, dies, and fixtures. Wisconsin tool and die companies had ups and downs as the automotive industry in Detroit went through its boom and bust. Of those companies, many don’t exist now. However, we survived and grew, and don’t plan on going anywhere. So you can rely on us to be around for the next job. The company has grown to employ many expert tool and die makers and machinists with decades of experience. Located near La Crosse, WI, the company conveniently occupies several buildings right off I-90.

West Salem Wisconsin Tool and Die shop

Below is quick list of our products and services.

Tube End Sizer ToolingPlanisher Mandrel and RollerCustom Tooling 3Custom Torca ToolingCustom Tooling on a machineDimpler custom toolingCustom tooling OD sizer
  • Automatic fixture with pneumatic clamping
  • Typical Robotic Welding Sub-assembly
  • Manual Rollover Jig
  • Welding Fixture for Robotic Cell
  • Part of an auto-welder
  • Auto welder with a rotating fixture
  • Custom clamps & Locating
  • Welding Fixture with pnumatic clmaping
  • Welding Fixture in our assembly area, fixtures in foreground
  • Welding Fixture for Notched Tubes
  • Typical robotic welding fixture sub-assembly
  • Progressive die set, upper and lower
  • Exploded view - large progressive die set
  • large progressive die - lower set

Progressive Dies

  • Standard WTP Planisher
  • Testing a planisher
  • Twin Planisher Machines


  • Hydraulic Presses - Heavy Duty
  • Hydraulic Presses - for Japan
  • Custom Hydraulic Presses with Custom Tooling
  • Hydraulic Presses

Presses – Hydraulic Presses, Pneumatic, Electric

  • CNC drilling machine drill bit close up
  • CNC drilling machine part profile
  • huge custom machine
  • drilling machine CAD render
  • CNC drilling machine iso view
  • big machine - many spindles
  • programs for CNC drilling machine

CNC Drilling Machines

  • Tube End Sizer
  • Tube End Sizer without HMI
  • Quick Change ID tooling
    Quick Change ID-Tooling for Tube Sizer Machine
  • Tubes ends sized
    Tubes that have had sizing operations done. Sizing has limits – see the tube on the far right, which has a tear where the diameter couldn’t get larger.
  • A pair of standard DTS tube end sizers
  • Double tube end sizer
    Double Sizer Machine – OD on the left, ID on the right
  • Tube end sizer ID tooling

Tube End Sizing Machines

  • One of our fully automatic welding machines
  • Welding machines with horizontal rotation
  • Partially automated welding machine

Welding Machines

    Bespoke one of a kind machine made for a local factory
  • A rollover jig for assembly
  • A custom machine - Hydraulic Press
  • Custom machine - hydraulic roller press
  • An automated horizontal hydraulic press
  • Custom machine - pneumatic punch press

Custom Machine & Equipment