Progressive Dies

A progressive stamping die produces complex sheet metal parts in high volume with a low unit cost. As a result, this is an efficient way to make parts in bulk. A flat strip of sheet metal called the “coil” is fed into the die by an automatic feeding system. A stamping press pushes the upper die set into the lower die set. Then, on the upstroke, the feeding system progresses the coil onto the next station. Finally, the finished part appears at the far end of the die. Another part is finished on every stroke of the press.

  • Progressive die set, upper and lower
  • Exploded view - large progressive die set
  • large progressive die - lower set

We design and manufacture progressive dies, from small ones with only a few stations to large ones up to 100″ long. Stations in a single die might do punching, forming, trimming, and coining.  Our expert die makers take extra care with each die, which they test to make sure it produces parts in-tolerance.  Experience has taught us how to build die sets that last.

Drop us a line at our contact page or, if you already have a solid model of your sheet metal part, send it in through the simple RFQ form.

Our traditional customers in Wisconsin and further across the Midwest make parts for automotive applications. But we are always eager to establish new business connections, so don’t hesitate to ask us for a free quote, no matter where in North America your factory is. Our location next to the intersection of a major intersection and the Mississippi give us a lot of shipping options for even very large and heavy machinery.