Welding Turntables

This youtube video shows how simple it is to operate these machines.  Since our machine works by clamping onto the inner diameter of a tube or pipe section, it doesn’t require wrenches and bolts to load and unload.  Instead, you just step on the foot pedal to unclamp the part.

Turntables are also known as welding positioners, or as rotary turntables.  We have plenty of competition out there, but our design has advantages that others lack.

  • Three Welding Turntables
  • Older style turntable
  • Another older turntable pic
  • Typical application for welding turntable
  • Example of a turntable fixture
  • Using a welding turntable
  • Auto Torch to improve weld consistency
  • Old style controls

Our AHT-250 adjustable height welding turntables help you make the most of your floor space and improve weld quality.  How?  Because the welder can stand still, instead of awkwardly shuffling around a circular weld.  The operator can also set the rotation speed, which is easily adjusted.  For auto-welding, we offer torch mounting options.

AHT-250 Technical Data

  • Adjustable Working Height 40″ – 60″
  • Adjustable Rotation Speed and Direction 0-12 rpm
  • Allen Bradley Control System with foot-pedals
  • Requires 115VAC power source and compressed air
  • 250 lb load capacity

Learn more about our welding turntables here: Welding Turntables Brochure Link.

Auto Torch Option

Upgrade your machine!  A turntable already makes it easy to keep speed and weld angle consistent around a weld.  By adding an auto torch mount, you can take it to the next level by locking in the optimal torch position.  We often recommend customers get this option.

Welding Turntables delivered across North America

West Salem Tool commonly provides machines and fixtures to customers across Wisconsin and Minnesota, but we deliver farther if needed.  Since these machines are reliable and made standard, they do not typically need any extra service or maintenance once built.

Contact us for a quote on a standard AHT-250.  Or send in a drawing of your part, and we’ll design a fixture to interface with a turntable.  We do CAD design in Solidworks, but we can handle almost any file format.