Welding Fixtures

If you need to increase your rate of production or improve the repeatable consistency of weldments, it might be time to get some high-quality welding fixtures made. To get the process started, send us a CAD model of your part with a weld drawing.

  • Automatic fixture with pneumatic clamping
  • Typical Robotic Welding Sub-assembly
  • Manual Rollover Jig
  • Welding Fixture for Robotic Cell
  • Part of an auto-welder
  • Auto welder with a rotating fixture
  • Custom clamps & Locating
  • Welding Fixture with pnumatic clmaping
  • Welding Fixture in our assembly area, fixtures in foreground
  • Welding Fixture for Notched Tubes
  • Typical robotic welding fixture sub-assembly

West Salem Tool and Die is able to provide custom designed fixtures.  These can be stationary or rollover fixtures for robotic welding and for manual welding.  We design the fixture based on your 3D part model and weld drawing.

Send in your drawings on our RFQ page.  We’ll get back to you with a rough proposal design and a quote. And then, if you like what you see, we’ll proceed from there.

For robotic welding cells, a typical starting point is to acquire something like the Miller 1100SS.  Once you know the dimensions of your cell and the reach of the robot arm, we’ll design a weld table that maximizes the potential of the cell.  Since a robotic cell is a big investment, it often makes good sense to design a double-sided weld table.

From our site near La Crosse, WI, we deliver welding fixtures to companies across North America. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or proposal if your company is physically distant from us, because we can easily do design reviews with screen-shares online.