Our tube planisher machines smooth out weld beads for smooth ID and OD finish on tubes up to 36″ long.  Mig, Tig, or Plasma Weld – any weld seam can be flattened.  Stainless tubes are no problem. Planishing improves fluid flow characteristics as well as improving the appearance and strength of the tube.

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  • Standard WTP Planisher
  • Testing a planisher
  • Twin Planisher Machines

This video is from our youtube channel, showing one of our machines planishing a weld seam during testing.

We offer both standard models and machines tailored to your specifications.  Although our standard machines only go up to 24″, we can roll longer tubes if needed.


Standard Models – WTP Technical Data

  • Allen Bradley Control System
  • 460v power source
  • Adjustable roller force up to 8,000 lbs
  • Adjustable feed rate
  • Planish speed 3.5″/sec.
  • Fast cycle times
  • Linear bearing roller guide
  • Linear bearing carriage guide
  • Mandrel end hydraulic support
  • Light curtains
  • Self contained hydraulic system
  • Low noise level 70-75 db.


WTP-12 -(12″ roller travel)

WTP-18 -(18″ roller travel)

WTP-24 -(24″ roller travel)

WTP-36 -(36″ roller travel)

More about Planisher Machines

The concept behind a planisher is an elaboration of a hydraulic press. The roller needs have just the right geometry, because as the press pushes it into the tube it cold-works the weld material. If the roller and tube geometry are just right, then the weld bead is smashed to the tangent.  Then, the press is moved along the length of the tube, rolling the tooling along the weld bead.  While the roller works the material on the OD, the hardened mandrel tooling exerts and equal and opposite force to smooth the weld material on the ID.

We are a Wisconsin-based company, so most of our customers for tube planishers are in the Upper Midwest.  However, we have customers as far away as Japan, France, and Mexico.  So no matter where you are, if you need a planishing machine then drop us a line.